Monday, June 22, 2009


seems like I've been in a self-portrait rut lately--I guess lack of models will do that to a person! This one is actually for a portrait exchange I am taking part in. Each person starts with their own moleskine sketchbook and does a self-portrait. They send it to the next person in line who then does a portrait of the owner (using photos--these are all strangers) and so on. When your book comes back to you, you have a bunch of portraits of yourself done by artists all over the world. Cool, eh? My little book is off to South Africa......


  1. that is SO cool!! I bet Mikki would love to do that, do you have the info?

  2. I DO love it! Mary, I have been checking your blog every morning. You always inspire me to do something cool with my day...whether it be cook something yummy, dig in my garden, read an interesting article, or even attempt draw what's around me. You're amazing! M

  3. Mikki-
    I'm glad you enjoy it. It keeps me on my toes knowing I have an audience!