Thursday, July 30, 2009


I spent the last three days being immersed in loads of inspiring art in NYC. I went specifically to see a show at the Society of Illustrators gallery called "Life After Black: The Visual Journals of Barron Storey". He is an illustrator, graphic novelist and teacher who has kept visual journals for years and this show included more that 100 of his journals. They were amazing, beautiful, inspiring, honest, intimidating all at the same time. They were displayed on shelves so that you were free to sit and read, examine, touch them. I was inspired by his incredible artistic talent and creativity, but also by his courage in sharing the books in such a public way. The journals were full of written passages about his life, his work, his struggles--both creatively and personally. It was an intimate look into an artist's life.

I'm posting a couple pages from Journal number 45, called "Lear".

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  1. i'm so happy you got to touch, feel and soak in all the journaling!