Thursday, October 22, 2009

start all over again

I finished off the red, dog-chewed journal yesterday and it is time to start a new one. I spent some time looking through the three I have filled since starting this daily process. Its seems like a good time to take a measure of where I am, how far I've come, where I'm headed, etc.

-choosing a journal to work in has been a bit of a Goldilocks process. Too big, too small, seeking "just right". Or maybe, continuing to change sizes is a good thing, a way to keep the process fresh.

-I started with the idea of wanting to improve my comfort with drawing because I've been frustrated in the past when trying to keep a journal while traveling. I had hoped daily practice would improve that. Instead, I've done some drawing, but lots of other stuff as well. So going forward I'll recommit to the drawing, but keep enjoying all the other stuff too.

-Looking through the first book I worked in, I noticed that I did a lot more experimenting and just trying out new ideas. I'll try to aim for more of that again. I really enjoyed it and it keeps the creative juices flowing.

So, here I go on #4!

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