Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been missing in action, blog-wise for more than a month. And if I had been faithful to "doing the work" I wouldn't mind that I wasn't posting, but I've been missing the work too. Among the many distractions keeping me away is a new toy--an iPad for my birthday. I've been experimenting with all the various sketching and art apps and learning my way around the digital art world. I haven't ever done art work on my desktop computer, but the touch screen makes it so easy and fun. I'll share a few "doodles" from the ipad.


  1. Oh, Mary! I love these sketches. Is the iPad connected to your computer, then?
    Glad to see you are making art and posting again!
    Smiles to you,

  2. Funny coincidence....I haven't checked your blog for weeks, and today found your exciting new iPad sketches. I sent Chris's wonderful circus book to Jill a few days ago. We're on the home stretch now -- can't wait to see my completed book. Enjoy these beautiful summer days.

  3. Mary:
    I ran across your wonderful blog while search for a fellow former Peace Corps Volunteer I knew in the Philippines in 1967-68. His name was Larry K. Hanson and I believe he did illustrations for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune for many years. Do you happen to know him, be related to him, or know how I can get ahold of him.
    David Briscoe - Honolulu, Hawaii