Sunday, January 24, 2010

14 things

a stack of bird images from the paper discovered in the weekend clean up

from a card sent by my neighbor--(click for a larger image)

I have figured out over time that I fall into the category of artists who work best surrounded by a certain level of "visual input" (polite way of saying MESS). A blank white page on a clean desk is intimidating. I had a painting teacher who started each painting by splattering a brush full of paint across the clean paper for that very reason. The creative juices don't really get moving until there are multiple layers of papers, brushes, tubes, fabric strewn around.

That being said, there is a fine line between that creative environment and just plain chaos. The latter was reached and this weekend was dedicated to studio clean up. While "clean up the studio" would definitely make my list of "14 things I don't want to do", it is sort of ironic that I found the card with the list on it buried under other things while cleaning the studio.

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  1. Visual imput. I love it. Is that why I have items on every horizontal surface of my living space? I'm comfortable in the haze of my near and dear things, but when focused with an objective eye, it's chaotic.