Monday, February 15, 2010


page three

page two

front page of the book, after the sheet was folded

This is the full sheet (24 x36) that was then folded into the book.

What a great week! New sights, sounds, ideas, friends, experiences. Just what a trip should be. Our two workshop teachers kept the 14 of us busy from breakfast till dinner (with a quick break for a delicious lunch made by the wonderful staff at the San Geronimo Lodge in Taos). We started the week working with Anne Bagby, stamping, glazing, collaging, stenciling and printing beautiful decorated papers. She has a wonderful sense of color and design and shared her ideas with us freely. (I'll post some of the paper soon).

The second half of the week we worked with Lynne Perrella learning her unique collage/layering style and creating a beautiful book using the papers we made earlier in the week. She was the most generous teacher, encouraging each student to work in their own unique style and the results were obvious in the wide range of books that were produced--no two alike, but all wonderful.

I'll post just a few pages of my book today, and get to some more later......(unfortunately, the breakfast till dinner work schedule just isn't feasible back here in the "real world" of snow shoveling, appointments, laundry and grocery stores!)

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